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UFOs and Forteana

The Anomalist - biannual high strangeness Fortean articles on the mysteries of science, nature and history
Blather - weekly farcical adventure episodes
Circular Times - sacred geometry & sites, crop circles, vibratory physics, alternative energy, UFOs and alternative health [200k]
The Cryptozoologist - occasional articles on hidden, undiscovered and unknown animals
Electronic Journal for Anomalous Phenomena - scholarly articles on anomalies
ELFIS: Journal of Possible Paradigms - plus FAQs, anomaly archives, elfin archives, and links
Enigma - Journal of IRCUP - sampling of quarterly articles on mysterious phenomena
Federation Flash - from walk-ins Aldin and Malchora at Starbuilders
Flying Saucer Review - a light sampling of articles from past issues
Fortean Times Online - everything weird, UFOs, bigfoot, ball lightning, fish falls, chupacabras, sasquatch, yeti
The Groom Lake Desert Rat - ceased, but a large archive is available
Light/Lines - table of contents by year from L/L Research
Magonia ETH Bulletin - running commentary on "Extremely Tenable Hypotheses" and sample articles
OMNI - online edition of famous newsstand mag
The Other Side - aliens, conspiracy, ghosts, psychics, creatures, weird
ParaScope - "Something strange is happening!"  searchable (slow)
The REALL News - Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land
Saucer Smear Index - from Saucer & Unexplained Celestial Evend Research Society
Science Frontiers - digest of scientific anomalies, monsters, abominable snowman, Forteana, sightings, animal mutilations
Shadowmag - astrology, alien abductions, chupacabras, hauntings and magic
Strange Magazine - articles on the paranormal, the unknown and strange phenomena
UFO Magazine - a slow site that gives sarcastic teaser articles from the current issue
UFO Magazine.uk - quality sample articles for the serious enthusiast and descriptions of past issues
UFO Roundup - a weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories
UFOCUS - articles from the Institute for UFO Research
X-Project Paranormal Magazine - cryptozoology, apparitions, paranormal phenomena, UFOs & aliens, searchable
Art Bell - Dreamland live 12 am-5 am CST 8pm-11pm Sun  Clips  Archive
Rense.com - Jeff Rense text and audio archives  
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