The Way Of

The way of Light is through Peace

The way of Peace is through Understanding

The way of Understanding is through Communication

 In Peace we speak of Peace of mind, Peace within the body
 Peace within the community, Peace within our civilization
 Peace upon the planet and throughout the universe
In Understanding we speak of Understanding others individually,
collectively and through them Understanding self, indeed through
self coming to an Understanding of and a respect for all life.
Those of you whose eyes look upon this page are blessed
For before your eyes you hold a treasure chest,
The key is in your mind and in your right of free choice, free will.
The choice is to unlock this treasure chest.
The free will is to search within to find the gifts of knowledge
That await you as you flow into that which calls and beckons you.

Allow yourself to relax

Allow yourself to move across the bridge that

You behold before you to planetary personhood

That you may be made